An italian story

The art of the land in a land of art

Ceramiche Rometti was first founded in 1927 in Umbertide (Perugia) as "Ars Umbra", a name that conjures up a land rich in culture and art.

Settimio Rometti, a man who combined the skills of an artisan with business know how and artistic discernment, founded the company in the twenties, a time of moderate economic wellbeing, conducive to the production of craftwork that catered for the tastes of the affluent classes.
Together with his nephews, Aspromonte Rometti and Dante Baldelli, Settimio embarked on an ambitious plan: to produce objects that combined art, craftsmanship and industrial production in a style that reflected the new trends in international design.
A student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Dante Baldelli savoured an artistic environment dominated by futurism. There he met Corrado Cagli and Mario Di Giacomo, two artists who later, in Umbertide, were given complete freedom to experiment their artistry.

This resulted in a new style of ceramics that included sculpted figures, vases, lamps, painted dishes and etched plates that were unique or produced in limited numbers. One can breathe the artistic climate of the European avant-garde in the stylized sculptures of the Dolore and the Salomè by Di Giacomo and the Santone and the Icaro by Cagli. The mostly black figures in Baldelli’s famous vases and "services" are painted in Nero fratta (Fratta black), a metallic paint of the type used for cars, producing a suggestive atmosphere, full of symbolic references to Umbria.