Design and the Art of Making Things

After Settimio Rometti left in 1962, ownership of the company passed to his partner Pietro Finocchi and then to his nephew, Dino, who, in the seventies, engaged Massimo Baldelli, an internationally renowned ceramist, as technical and artistic advisor.

Over the last forty years Ceramiche Rometti have received numerous awards and collaborated with many prestigious names - Pierre Cardin, Guzzini in the series "Pomona", Rosenthal for the "service" on board Alitalia aircraft. Many international brands make use of the company’s know how, a heritage of fundamental importance in the history of Italian and European ceramics.

Recently, Rometti has produced sculptural vases of great beauty, such as the Koans series by the British artist Liliale Lijn, whose works form part of the some of most prestigious public and private collections in the world. Ambrogio Pozzi, a much appreciated designer and a long-standing collaborator, is the name behind the enigmatic and subtly allusive Presenze and Jazz collections, and the concentrated sensuality of the Venus series.

Since 2011, the brand was taken over by Massimo Monini, a passionate art collector and experienced entrepreneur, who, with the fundamental contribution of Rometti craftsmen and Dino Finocchi, who still owns the factory, is determined to keep quality as high as possible by investing substantially in research and design.